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YouTube blocked video with mantis mating for sexual content

A few years ago I downloaded a video on YouTube about the life of my mantis of the species Sphodromantis Viridis. I managed to shoot a rare event – mating mantises. But two later this video was blocked for “sexually provocative content.”

Mating lasted about a day. The male survived, as the female during the whole process of mating was fed by cockroaches and by the end was full. In a living nature, a female mantis does not always eat a male and in half the cases everything ends peacefully.

Yesterday, I received a message stating that my video was removed due to a YouTube policy violation, because it contains “sexually provocative content”.

The same movie, removed for “sexually provocative content.” (Watch out, buggy porn)

Your video was removed for violating rules, because it contains sexually provocative content

The YouTube service policy allows you to challenge the violation and appeal, which I did, but was refused. Employees of Youtube carefully studied the video and confirmed in it the presence of sexual content.

After reviewing, we determined that your video does violate community rules and confirms the original decision

As a result, my video was not unblocked and I received a “strike” for violating the rules of the service. Since I do not agree that the video violates any rules, I filled it again.

A few more photos of actors from my home porn studio:

Mantis Eve at the age of a nymph. There are small rudiments of wings. Through one moult, she becomes an “imago”, that is, sexually mature and will appear in her first and last porn film.
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