This is a job interview at Apple. Answer the questions

For many, working at Apple is a real dream. We found out what questions the representatives of the company ask during the interview.

We chose the most extraordinary and unusual. Sit down comfortably. Now we will determine whether you are ready to work in one of the most influential companies in the world.

Questions for Engineers


1. The engineer for product development. You have a cup of hot coffee and some milk from the refrigerator. The temperature in the room is somewhere between the temperatures of these two liquids. When you need to add milk to achieve maximum coffee cooling (just before serving, a little later or at the end)?

Answer: Coffee should be allowed to cool down a little. After 10 minutes, add milk. So you can achieve maximum cooling.

2. Leading engineer-programmer . What is the operating principle of the aircraft wing?

Answer: In short: the flight becomes possible due to the difference in flow velocities above the wing surface and below. The speed leads to a decrease in pressure. At some point, the pressure above the wing becomes below atmospheric, and under the wing – higher. Due to what the plane pushes up.

3. Technical engineer . Give five ways to measure the fuel level in the tank of the car.

Answer: To look at the device is just one of them. The other four we suggest you write;)

4. Software engineer . If you had two eggs and you needed to determine from which maximum floor you can throw them, so as not to break, what would be the optimal plan for such a test you chose?

Answer: It would be more logical to abandon the test altogether. Unless eggs are made, at least, from a tree.

5. Software engineer . Tell us about an interesting problem that you have come across, and at the same time describe the method for solving it.

6. Software engineer . You have 100 coins lying on the table. Each has two facets: an eagle and a tails. 10 of them lie with an eagle up, 90 – down. You do not see coins, you can not touch them, and somehow interact with them physically.

Divide the coins into two piles so that each has an equal number of those that lie with the eagle up.

7. The engineer . You are smart?

Answer: It’s more logical to hear the answer: “I’m rational.”

8. Software engineer . Have you ever had disagreements with managers? How did you resolve the conflict? Give a specific case from your life and resolve the conflict. How would you describe that same manager today?

9. Mechanical engineer . You put a glass of water on the vinyl turntable and began to gradually increase the speed of rotation of the plate. What will happen first: will water come out of the glass or will the glass fall?

Answer: Do not rush to answer! It all depends on the shape of the glass and how it is filled with water. Filled to the brim glass splashes with a slight increase in speed.

A low glass with a small amount of water – the result is the same. The glass will not move, and a drop of water sooner or later will pour out as the speed increases. But with the Petri dish it’s the other way around. It slips off the disc before the water runs out.

The high vessel will fall before the water runs out. The correct answer is to give several examples with an emphasis on the fact that everything depends also on the material from which the plate is made. Friction – it is.

10. Software engineer . Tell us what kind of act or event in life you are proud of?

11. Software engineer . Are you creative? What new creativity are you capable of?

12. Software engineer . Why did you come here?

13. Software engineer . Imagine that you have an application that dumps images from iTunes, but over time these images become obsolete. What strategy would you use to remove outdated images?

14. The engineer . Explain the physical term “moment of inertia”.

Answer: It is characterized by the distribution of masses in the body: the moment of inertia is equal to the sum of the products of elementary masses per square of their distances to the base set (point, line or plane).

15. Project Engineer . What was your happiest day in the last four years? And the worst?

16. Software engineer . Why do you want to work in Apple and what made you leave your past work for Apple?

17. Mechanical engineer . Tell us about the stresses and stresses on the spokes of a simplified bicycle wheel.

18. The engineer . What will happen to the device if you change the voltage on the network?

19. The engineer . What is hardness?

Answer: The property of the material is to resist the introduction of a more rigid body – the indenter.

Questions for software and product testers


20. Lead testing equipment . Draw as the iPhone looks from the inside.

21. Software tester. How will you test your favorite application?

22. Software tester . There are three boxes in front of you. In one lie some apples, in the other – only oranges, in the third – apples and oranges interspersed. All boxes are incorrectly marked, stickers on them do not correspond to the content.

You opened one box of your choice (not looking inside) and got one fruit. If you look at it, can you label all the other boxes unmistakably?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Suppose you got an apple. The box says: “mixed fruit,” but the boxes are not properly marked. So this box contains either oranges or pure apples. But after all, you got an apple, so it’s definitely not oranges. We are determined that we have a box with apples, and stickers on two boxes are simply swapped.

23. To the tester . How will you test the toaster?

24. Software tester . Make changes to the equation “62 – 63 = 1” so that it becomes true.

Note: Turning 1 in -1 is, of course, a good option. But Apple clearly does not expect this from you.

Answer: A more correct answer will be if the equality takes the form: 2 ^ 6 – 63 = 1 (two in the sixth degree minus 63).

25. Equipment tester . Tell us, how would you plan a trip to North Korea?

Questions for designers


26. To the technical designer . You tried sitting on two mattresses. One is twice as high as the other. Both are inflated to the same pressure. Why on a higher mattress does it feel like you are going deeper into it?

Answer: Against the force of gravity you can not trample on.

27. To the designer . What type of touch screen will you use on mobile devices?

28. To the designer . In the room there are a lot of balls filled with Helium. How to break them all? Give as many ways as possible.

Answer: Of the not quite commonplace options, there is a significant drop in temperature in the room. A drop will lead to an explosion of balls.

29. To the designer . What is the difference between stiffness and strength.

Answer: In a nutshell: rigidity is the behavior of the object under load and the ability to return to its original state after the load is removed. Strength – a measure of pressure, showing the force that can be applied to the object before its deformation.

Questions for consultants


30. Consultant for decisions . What is the mass of the Empire State Building?

Answer: 331,000 tons

31. Consultant in the support department of Apple Genius . Explain to a five-year-old child what RAM is.

32. A home counselor . Explain to an eight-year-old what a modem and router are. What are these devices for?

33. Consultant to the store . You talk with an angry client, who was forced to wait about 20 minutes for help. The client openly declares that it is better to contact Best Buy or even select the computer that he needs in the Microsoft Store. How will you resolve this situation?

Answer: The best motivator for a potential buyer is a discount or an advantageous offer.

34. A home counselor . What is more important: solve the problem of the client or get a good experience in working with clients?

35. A consultant (formerly called Family Room Specialist) . You look very positive. What strikes you the most?

36. Consultant at home . Show (acting), what would the client look like, which you would like to help. Use only the voice.

37. To the Consultant . Do you belong to the type of people who are often approached for technical assistance?

38. To the Consultant . Tell us about a case where you needed to do more than you physically could.

39. Consultant at home . You are called by a client with a computer that is more like an ancient stone (a very old Mac). What are you going to do?

Questions to managers


40. To the manager of retail trade. What superhero would you like to become and why?

41. Manager for International Supply . Take this pen. What can you offer to reduce its cost price?

42. Manager for International Supply . How many children are born in the world every day?

Answer: The figure is very blurry. The average figure – about 365 thousand children is born every day.

43. Software Manager . Tell us about your failures and what was the lesson you learned from them?

44. Sales manager . Describe a pejorative skill.

45. Sales manager . Describe an effective supply chain model that you would suggest.

46. ​​Project Manager . Tell us about the case of a complete fiasco, about the failure that you suffered without the right to correct it.

Questions for specialists and technicians


47. To a specialist . Why did Apple change its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc.?

Answer: The name Apple changed on the day when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. Jobs explained this decision by Apple’s desire not to be associated exclusively with a company that produces only computers.

48. To a specialist. Describe your feelings when you visit the Apple Store as a customer. What do you pay attention to and what catches your eye?

49. Leading technical specialist . If you go to the mountains, and then at the same time (say, went out at 12 and decided to go back 12 days) next day you will be at the exact same time in the same place?

50. Technical specialist . Tell the case when you have offended or thrown problems to your friend. How did you solve this situation?

51. Technical specialist . What is your favorite Apple product and why?

Other matters


52. Leading analyst . You get one coin from the jug. It contains one real, and one fake. What is the chance that you got it? Can you determine the counterfeit and real coin after three tumbling (on one coin two “eagles”)?

Answer: By counting and insignificant immersion in the theory of probability, it can be calculated that the chances of determining a counterfeit coin are 60%. Real – 40%. The main thing is that the answer is clearly not 50/50.

53. To the Administrator . What kind of ice cream do you like?

54. To the Financier . What data would you ask if you decided to take the iPhone to the market of a new country?

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