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The Moscow authorities connected to the CCTV camera system from Findface and arrested six people

The algorithm is tested only two months.

The city network of CCTV cameras in Moscow was connected to the face recognition system from the company NTechLabs, who created Findface. During two months of testing, six suspects were detained in several districts of the city, who could not be caught for several years. This is reported by  with reference to the statement of the company.

Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow Artem Yermolayev told The Verge that the system is in a state “somewhere between finished and tested,” but already led to the arrests of criminals who were on federal wanted list. According to Ermolaev, while the system operates on several thousand cameras due to the high cost of deployment, but in the future it will be scaled to areas with a high level of crime.

The head of the department noted that every year the Moscow authorities spend about 5 billion rubles for the maintenance of video cameras. If you introduce face recognition for the entire network at once – this will increase the costs threefold, added to the city government.

NTECHLab company told that the technology works on the basis of neural networks and in a few seconds determines the person’s face in the crowd, his gender and age, and also checks the database of the criminals’ faces.

The Moscow video surveillance network consists of 160,000 cameras located in the entrances, schools, kindergartens, stadiums and other places of mass gathering. Access to the system of face recognition was obtained by 16 thousand law enforcement officers, as well as state and municipal organizations. The Moscow mayor assured that every request to the system is fixed, and siloviki will receive data only on request.

As noted by the publication The Verge, it is not yet clear how truly the system can be scaled, since not all CCTV cameras give an image of sufficient clarity for face recognition. Therefore, it is not known how many of the 160,000 available cameras in Moscow can really be used. In an interview with Russia Beyond in December 2016, Yermolayev stated that recognizing faces through a video surveillance system is extremely difficult, so even a 30% result will be considered “cosmic.”

In February 2016, NTechLab launched the Findface service, which allowed users to find one face-to-face on one photo. After that, she released paid tools for integrating face recognition into the company’s infrastructure.

In June 2017 it was reported that in Moscow for the Day of Russia for the first time installed several cameras with face recognition.

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