The child owed MTS half a million rubles. How did it happen?

Rules for charging the mobile Internet are very often ruthless. A resident of the Belarusian city of Dzerzhinsk Valery Mazenovich told a sad story about a trip to Bulgaria.

It is sad that during his stay on the bus his son accidentally distributed the Internet to all passengers.

Since the card was registered with his father, he soon received an account worth 14.5 thousand Belarusian rubles or 450 thousand Russian rubles.

During the journey, about 15 children used the son’s internet. Someone was playing, someone was watching a movie or listening to music. Of course traffic in roaming costs a lot of money.

For us this is a huge amount. We sent the child to rest for the last money. In total with his wife, we earn about $ 500 a month, and now you need to pay $ 7,500. It’s just a disaster.

Valery Mazenovich father of the boy

Turning to the MTS, the parents asked the operator for help. While the issue of the family is being considered. This same story can only become another reminder that one should not forget to do when sending a child abroad. 

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