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“That’s why it’s better to behave well at the World Cup in Russia” – foreigners about Russian fans

It’s no secret that “professional” Russian football fans are still fighters. Not a small role in this played the time when this subculture acquired the real features of its movement. It’s about the 90’s. Of course, given the specifics of that time, fights for these guys alone could be considered a sport.

In this regard, for Western provocateurs at Euro-2016 it was an extremely stupid idea to burn the Russian flag and provoke Russian fans to respond. As this brought Europe the expected result – 300 Russian fans have cleared Marseille from several thousand Western fans.

And if at first such figures could shock and provoke mistrust, then having seen numerous videos of those events it now becomes clear that experience and system always defeats the crowd. And Russian fans had both of these qualities.

At that time, the British press tried to whitewash its disgrace and the flight of “the most daring and strong fans of Europe” – the British, poured a lot of dirt on our state, and then also tried to repeat and in an attempt to disrupt the current championship. However, the main symbol of this story was still the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He responded to a question from a British journalist about the actions of Russians:

– “Did they not do this in response to the British set fire to the Russian flag? We can not turn a blind eye to absolutely provocative actions of fans from other countries. You probably saw outrageous shots on television, when they trample on the Russian flag, when they shout out insults to the Russian leadership, to the leading Russian athletes. So if you want to know my opinion – our fans are good fellows. In general, if several hundred Russian tourists turn thousands of hooligans into flight in the EU, I do not really blame them for that. Rather, you should thank them. “

These words also strolled along the world media for a long time, but all the same, Western media were right – the subculture of “professional fans” of Russia really started with street fights.

December 2015. “Professional fans” of the team “Zenith” (white) against “Dynamo-Moscow” (in blue) :

Translation of comments :

– “It’s impressive … So that’s why Russian fans are afraid even of British ultras! The English know how to drink beer better than others and to bully others, but as it turned out, they immediately give a dope when they get a real answer. However, all the same. most of all I liked how in the end the guy from the blue team embraced with a guy from the white, lying on the ground, although a second ago they beat each other with all their might. Great! I think the Russians still have this right spirit and they, unlike the Europeans, have not yet turned into a sissy! ” 
Ryan Lapastora


“Honestly, this is the first time I see the famous hand-to-hand fight” wall to wall “and I think that there is something real about this! Americans shoot a movie about fight clubs, and the Russians just go out into the street – and live! I would like to have at least some courage to do such things … ” 
El’amin mochichi


“In general, the guys are simple advice. If at the World Championships in Russia behave like people visiting Russians, everything will be fine. Otherwise, I would not hurt the Russians … ” 
Steve Smith

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