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Presented steep electrographs Segway e-Skates Drift W1

Segway-Ninebot company announced the release of e-Skates Segway Drift W1. The manufacturer states that this is the most compact electric transport in the world.

e-Skates are, in fact, two black-and-white platforms with a built-in wheel in each. The movement is carried out by the slopes of the body, as on gyroscope.




The manufacturer states that Segway e-Skates have excellent stability and improved management capabilities.

The surface of the platforms is equipped with a special coating, ensuring the absence of sliding shoes and maximum ease of use.

The Segway Drift W1 employs a self-balancing system based on more than 800 patents, so e-Skates have the same unprecedented technological advantages as other brand devices.

It turns out that produced some kind of new sphere of entertainment. This is something between rollers and a monocycle with an electric motor.

The cost and date of the start of sales of e-Skates Segway Drift W1 is still unknown. The only thing we know is the beginning of autumn. However, the gadget can be tested already at IFA 2018 at the end of August in Berlin.


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