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Moscow startups a search service for people from VKontakte by photo

FindFace , created for users of “VKontakte”, will be able to find people similar to people from the photo. Users have the opportunity to make 30 free people searches on a photo, paid subscription costs from 149 to 459 rubles a month, representatives from N-Tech.Lab reported.

Service determines a person in the photo with an accuracy of 70%, said the company. They position FindFace as a dating service: with the help of a picture taken on the phone, you can later try to find a person in the social network and continue communicating with him.

The company said that in the long term they will expand the service to users and other social networks and day-and-day services – for example, Instagram, Badoo or Tinder.

The service was launched on February 18 by the Moscow company N-Tech.Lab, founded in 2015 by Artem Kukharenko. According to representatives of N-Tech.Lab, their decision in the field of face recognition won first place at the contest The MegaFace Benchmark, organized by the Washington University, in which the authors of the FaceNet algorithm from Google also participated.

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