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“Let’s see”: Trump about the recognition of the Crimea by the Russian

Previously, the media told how the US president called the peninsula a part of Russia, because they speak Russian there.

Donald Trump on the question of recognizing the Crimea as a Russian territory replied: “Let’s see.” The US president’s quote is cited by Reuters and Bloomberg , who, along with other journalists, talked to him on an airplane.

About whether the US will remove the anti-Russian sanctions, Trump responded roughly the same: “Let’s look at the actions of Russia.” The questions were asked on the eve of the meeting of the US President with Vladimir Putin, which will be held on July 16 and cover a wide range of topics. The leaders of the two countries should discuss Syria, Ukraine, interference in the elections – Trump called these topics “missed under Obama.”

In mid-June, Buzzfeed learned that the US president called Crimea part of Russia at the G7 summit supper. He justified his position by saying that the inhabitants of the peninsula speak Russian. There was no official confirmation of these words.

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