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In Russia, animals were allowed to ride in trains without owners

News from the category “there can be no” – from July 16, our four-legged and feathered pets will be able to travel around Russia without us. The Federal Passenger Company (FPK) has published a list of 13 trains in which it will be possible to transport animals without owners very soon. A person, however, still need – to buy Sharik or Barsik ticket for a train, say, to Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk or St. Petersburg.

In the RZD, it is noted that the transportation of pets without owners will be carried out in the luggage compartments of long-distance trains. At the same time, one owner can send up to three pets on a trip at a time (naturally, having issued three places for cells or containers).

“Dogs, cats, birds and other small warm-blooded animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits) and turtles are allowed to be transported. Animals are accepted for transportation in cages (containers). During the whole trip the animal must be in a cage (container) in the luggage compartment.
Together with the pet, you can send accompanying documents (veterinary passport, metric, pedigree, passport), a drinking bowl with water, a feeder and feed, one toy for an animal, an absorbent to maintain a proper sanitary and hygienic state in the cage. The condition of the animal during the trip will be watched by the conductors of passenger cars, “- explained in the Railways.

The cost of such trips will vary, but the minimum amount is 730 rubles . It is also specified that pick up the animal at the arrival station will be able only the person who is listed in the application for transportation (you will fill it when sending the pet). To do this, he will need to produce a passport. But where the animal is denut in case of force majeure, the RZD does not specify. Let’s hope that nobody leaves him at the station.


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