I will no longer bet iOS. And I do not advise you

Every time when the excitement around the beta versions of iOS, I struggle with the desire to roll on my iPhone a new axis.

In part, this is due to sincere curiosity, but there is another reason: sometimes it’s how your hands itch to somehow customize your smartphone.

Owners of Android-devices can download a new shell to ease their cravings for changing the interface. We just have to change the wallpaper. Therefore, the new OS (albeit not changed visually) personally for me – the opportunity to at least create the appearance of customizing its iPhone.

But in the case of iOS 12 this was the last time I contacted the beta versions in principle.

Do you want a new one? Prepare to suffer and waste your time

Installing the first beta versions of iOS is a step into the unknown. With a smartphone, anything can happen: from departing important applications ( my mobile bank has ceased to work ), to spontaneous reboots.

And with each beta, the iPhone buggy in different ways.

Personally, my cup of patience overflowed the following: putting iOS 12 on your iPhone X, I lost the opportunity to use FaceTime.

That is, if the interlocutor also has a beta version of iOS 12, the video call works fine. But if the stable and (for the present) actual iOS 11 – instead of me on the screen of its iPhone an absolute blackness or a frozen frame of the first second after the connection is established.

It is clear that among all my friends and close people iOS 12 is only that of the chief editor Nikita, with whom I do not often call up on FaceTime.

A few days later, without video calls, I decided to roll back to iOS 11.

Back to iOS 11: All applications are suddenly out of date.

The very procedure of rollback went well, thanks to instructions from colleagues ( here it is, if necessary ). And then the desktop appears on the screen.

And then iOS 12 dealt the latest, insidious blow in the back: most applications refused to run .


By clicking on the icon of any program, a notification appeared that the application was out of date and not supported by iOS 11. Then the smartphone offered to choose: delete the application, or simply leave it in the iPhone’s memory until better times?

I had to manually delete about 20 programs, and download them in a new way from the App Store. It was easier to configure the iPhone with the restored iOS 11 “as new”, honestly!

Moral: do you want experiments? Change the wallpaper on the lock


If your hands itchs rather try out smart Siri and the new grouped notifications iOS 12 – make sure that for such experiments you have a separate iPhone, without which you can live in the event of unexpected glitches and glitches.

And they will, do not even hesitate.

Personally, I spent on bringing my basic iPhone X into a normal working state for almost a few hours. Was this time of joy from the short-term use of the beta version of iOS 12without the possibility to use FaceTime?

This is a rhetorical question. For myself, I formulated the rule, which is outlined in the subtitle. It’s better to change the wallpaper and not be afraid that the smartphone will fail me at the crucial moment (for example, at the checkout in the supermarket) than risk with iOS beta.

By the way, many colleagues have already rolled back with iOS 12 back to iOS 11. Only glavred still hangs and suffers. Well, okay, we still do not call back on FaceTime anyway.

And do you bet your iOS beta on the main iPhone?

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