Hackintosh on a regular laptop in 2018. I installed, here are my impressions

For those who do not know, hakintosh is the process of installing the operating system macOS on personal computers with microprocessors of the x86 architecture. In other words – the installation of the operating system Apple on computers of other manufacturers.

I’ve been interested in this topic for a long time, I used to install OS X myself on the ancient system, and with the help of dances with a tambourine I forced them to work. Then he scored for a long time on this topic, but was pleasantly surprised by the state of affairs today.

Install hakintosh at the moment much easier than 5-7 years ago. More and more components can be made to work with macOS, the system will work as smoothly and quickly as on the original Mac.

Nevertheless, hakintosh still remains a pleasure not for everyone and has its drawbacks.

I’ve been working on a laptop with a hackintosh for six months, I’m ready to talk about all the pros and cons of this solution. I’ll start with a good one.

1. Hakintosh is not as cranky as before

Several years ago it was necessary to study English-language forums on the topic of hackintosh for a long time, to look for more or less suitable assemblies of the system, record them on double-layer DVD-blanks and wait a couple of hours for a miracle.

If the coveted desktop of the system appeared, a long process of selecting the caches (drivers) began, long reboots, rollbacks to the previous settings and a new selection.

Now the list of compatible with hakintosh iron is big enough, all information is in the public domain, it’s very easy to choose components.

A universal bootloader will help with system start-up and quick selection of the required caches.

Five years ago, installing a hakintosh on a laptop was considered problematic and inexpedient, and now the market presents several successful models that almost completely copy the MacBook and guaranteed to earn with hakintosh.

In addition to this, there are many qualified professionals who can remotely install and configure hackintosh.

Either spend several hours searching for information and selecting drivers, or pay a couple of thousand rubles and do everything under the dictation of the master.

2. My laptop is cheaper and more productive MacBook

It is quite realistic to take a gaming laptop for 50-60 thousand rubles and it will be times more productive than a MacBook for 100 thousand.

If you approach seriously the choice of the model and choose components that are guaranteed to work, then for the cost of the most budgetary 13-inch MacBook Pro you can get a computer that will be comparable to the top spot.

This is an excellent investment for developers, designers and video editors. For the cost of a productive MacBook it will be possible to take a couple of laptops and install hakintosh on them.

If we talk about a stationary computer, then the price-performance ratio will be more impressive, and selecting components will be much easier.

3. Parallel with macOS running Windows

No virtual machines, BootCamp or Parallels. Now all this works almost perfectly, but there are exceptions and users are faced with problems and difficulties.

Install Windows as a second system on a regular laptop will be without any surprises. Especially if the laptop has a pair of drives.

Only 10-15 seconds and I can switch on my laptop with a hackintosh with macOS on Windows and back. If necessary, you can even install Linux.

Those who need a cross-platform system, better than a computer with a hackintosh can not be found.

4. A laptop with hakintosh can be upgraded

MacBook users have long forgotten about this concept. Apple completely cut off the upgrade option by placing all the components on the PC circuit board.

Even stationary Mac mini and iMac are extremely difficult to bring to a new level of performance by replacing components.

If we have an average model of a gaming laptop, then it can replace a pair of RAM slots, in most cases the ceiling will be at the level of 32 GB. It turns out to install fast and capacious SSD disks, often there are SATA and M2 connectors.

In some cases, there is a DVD-drive, and with optibay, the obsolete component will turn into a place for the third drive, which can become a large 2.5-inch HDD.

Format it into exFAT and get a huge file sharing between macOS and Windows.


In the world of hakintosh and annoying cons.

1. Not all components of the notebook are “wound up”

I did not set myself the goal of finding a 100% suitable hackintosh laptop. As a result, I got macOS with a disabled touchpad, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-modules.

In order to solve the problem with wireless modules, one gets this kind of thing on AliExpress. The replacement is simple, only 15 minutes and hakntosh sees native for macOS Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

With the touchpad decided not to bother much, any “Windows” sensor in any case does not reach the perfect trackpad Apple.

The biggest problem was the video card. Installed in my laptop GTX 960m works exclusively with web-based drivers. This is pain and disappointment. It’s better to immediately disable the graphics in the hackintosh and enjoy the built-in Core i7 processor.

Get a gain on an unsupported card from the box will not work in most graphics editors and games.

In fact, without a video card, you get an analog of a 13-inch MacBook with a 15-inch display. Performance for most tasks is enough, you can even render simple projects and play simple games.

For maximum power, games and Mining complex graphical tasks, there is Windows.

2. Need keyboard / mouse / trackpad Apple


To get the most from the use of macOS, I connected a wireless keyboard and Apple’s trackpad to my laptop. The native touchpad is not “wound up”, and any mouse connected to the Mac is a real disappointment .

Even the coolest and top-end manipulators for Windows do not show themselves in the best part of macOS.

There is no smoothness of scrolling, there are no familiar gestures, and most of the “vindo” bells and whistles are simply not available.

For any hakintosh it is desirable to have original Apple accessories. Of course, for simple tasks on the road you can do with built-in sources of input, but for regular daily work you will have to connect something else.

3. Apple ecosystem chips may not work


Previously, when installing hakintosh it was silly to hope that all of Apple’s proprietary services will work without problems. I mean AirDrop, iMessage, FaceTime, Handoff, Continuity and other stuff.

Now everything is much simpler, with the availability of compatible Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, many software chips work. In my case, there was a problem with AirDrop.

The data is transferred to the computer, but not in the opposite direction. It’s not so scary, but the problem was not solved. In addition, transfer calls from the iPhone to the Mac does not happen every time, note that every tenth call is not transferred to the system.

4. We need to carefully approach the updates


About the beta versions and systems for developers hakintoshniki can immediately forget. No Mojave or the latest beta releases of High Sierra.

Moreover, experts with experience always recommend using the previous generation system. So on my hikintosh it works macOS Sierra, and in the autumn I will update to macOS 10.13.

This is not so critical, because now the annual updates bring a minimum of innovations. Serious holes and problems are patched in both new and old systems.

You do not need to immediately roll out the update released in the App Store. When a couple of days on the thematic forums confirm the security update for hakintosh, you can update.



I am completely satisfied with my ASUS laptop with the installed hakintosh. It’s a great work machine with macOS on board. It is in this system that I spend most of the day writing articles and testing applications.

The system works stably, regularly backups are created in Time Machine, hangs, bugs and glitches occur, but not more than once a month. Everything is treated with a banal restart.

When you need to get something from Windows, I reboot and in a few seconds you can run cool demanding games or mount heavy projects in Premiere.

Yes, the laptop is big and heavy, charging can kill someone at all, but the thickness of the case and the logo on the lid stop noticing after a week of use. With infrequent trips or movement to the car, the weight and dimensions of the laptop are not so important.

Hackintosh today is a good way to save for those who need Mac not for ponts, but for work. Hackintosh on laptops is no longer a myth, but a reality.

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