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Englishwoman bends over

“Theresa May, trying to make a curtsy, is certainly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a whole week,” one of the British wrote on Twitter. “I felt ashamed that I was a Briton, after I saw this curtsey,” added another.

And what about the Englishwoman? Why does it bend so?

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British Prime Minister Teresa Mei caused a wave of jokes about her behavior at a meeting with Prince William. At the opening ceremony of the rehabilitation center in Nottinghamshire on June 21, the head of government sat down before a member of the monarchy dynasty in a strange, extremely ridiculous curtsey.

May bent her knees, bending her back in an obsequious, obsequious pose. According to the protocol, the prime minister should pay tribute to the queen and family members, but her etiquette does not force her to squat, and May could restrain herself with a more restrained bow.

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On the web, the British premier was laughed at, comparing with Gollum and the awkward colt. One of the users wrote that when looking at the head of the government he was ashamed that he was also a Briton. 
May also recalled other cases when she awkwardly bent at meetings with members of the royal dynasty, for example with Elizabeth II and Duchess of Cambridge Keith Middleton.

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As the spokesman for the royal family said, the rules of etiquette provide for a shallow curtsey or a respectful nod of the head when meeting with members of the royal family, but they are not expected without fail and remain the “personal choice of everyone.”


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