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Developer FindFace announced the termination of work on the project

The service is looking for users of VKontakte on the photo, and the developers are cooperating with the Moscow authorities.

The company NtechLab, which created a service to find users “VKontakte” for photos, announced the termination of work on the project. As the developers told they will focus on developing for the state and business.

The company explained that they do not plan to sell the project and from July 1 it will be phased out. The last investment NtechLab attracted in March 2018 – from the “daughter” of “Rostech” and the fund company VB Partners. The company’s board of directors was headed by Vasily Brovko, the director of Rostecha, on special assignments.

NtechLab released FindFace in February 2016: users could find people on the “VKontakte” for photos on the street or in the transport. At the time of writing, no more than 1.2 million people use the service.

Users of “Dvača” used FindFace to find profiles of Russian pornographic actresses, including to tell their relatives and friends about it. In 2017 it became known about the cooperation of NtechLab with the Moscow authorities, thanks to which for six months, six suspects were detained.

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