A few words about the quality of the assembly of iPhones Rostest

Last year I bought myself a European Seven in the color Jet Black. Joy there was no limit, until there was sadness: I broke it. 

Without thinking twice, the idea came to look for a replacement for a similar model.

I found Rostest, but …

After a short period of time spent searching (since the model is not new), I found myself a “seven” in the same color and volume of memory, but already Rostest.

And here at me, dear readers of a site, to you a question – whether you paid attention to quality of assemblage of phones Rostest?

Someone will object: so they are going to one plant. That’s right, but practice indicates differences in the quality of the assembly. 

So, from my observations:

1 . Immediately out of the box, at a cursory examination of the phone, noticed on the plastic thin frame around the screen whiteness and two small risks from below;

2 . At one of the corners of the body in the lacquer there is a frozen drop of something;

3 . The color of the joint of the body and the strip of the antenna is inaccurate and in some places aluminum is shining;

Once again I will draw your attention to the fact that this is not a rebuilt and not a ChineseiPhone! This is the official Russian PCT. 

On my first British iPhone, not one of the observed “jambs” was seen.

PS Just the other day, my friend bought the red Eight Plus PCT in one of the shops of the M.Video network. On his phone from the box there was already a chip near the sim tray, similar to whitishness on the frame of the screen and clicks when you click on the screen itself.

Please, write in the comments opinion on this matter, very interesting. 

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