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The police identified the person who fired the newspaper The Capital in Maryland

He sued the newspaper, accusing her of slander after the article about his conviction for rape, but lost.

Jarrod Ramos. Photo by CBS News

Annapolis Police (Maryland) established the identity of the man who fired at the editorial office of the publication of the Capital Gazette, CBS News reported.

Suspect was 38-year-old resident of Maryland Jarrod Ramos. After the arrest, the shooter refused to cooperate with the investigation and injured his fingertips so that he could not be identified by fingerprints, the newspaper writes. His identity was established through a database of passports and driver’s license.

According to the police, the attack on the editorial staff was planned and purposeful. The police found a twitter of Ramos, judging by which he had been suing Capital Gazette for many years because of accusations of libel. In 2011, Ramos was tried for violence and harassment of a woman. Ramos pleaded guilty, but called the newspaper article about him libel and in 2012 he went to court. The court took the side of the publication.

Shooting at the editorial office of Capital Gazette occurred on June 28, killing five people, injuring about 20. The offender opened fire through the glass door of the office.

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