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“The best celebration of goals in history”: a Belgian football player wanted to finish the ball into the goal, but hit himself in the face

The natural forward.

June 28 in Kaliningrad was a match of the 2018 World Cup, which met the teams of England and Belgium. The meeting ended with a score 1: 0 – the only goal was scored by the Belgian Adnan Januzai.

Immediately after the goal, Belgium striker Misha Batshuayi took the ball in his hands and wanted to effectively finish him off at the gate, celebrating the team’s effective action. But instead of the gate he hit the bar, from which the ball bounced into the face of the football player. This moment immediately became an excuse for jokes.\

“Belgian Butshuayi and the greatest moment of the World Cup, possibly in history”

“The celebration of Batshuyi did not go according to plan”

About uneasy relations Batshuaya and the bar immediately after the game joked and his partners in the team.

“Guys, they’re all right”
Later, Batshuayi on Twitter himself laughed at this moment: “I knew that ohreneyu when I go into the mentions. Why am I so stupid? Damn, it hurts. “

“A second before I realized that I screwed up”

“Celebrating with dances from the video game Fortnite (as some players do – TJ’s comment) are overrated, so I came up with something new …”

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