SpaceX successfully sent to the ISS robot “Simon”

Cape Canaveral in Florida successfully launched the Falcon 9 missile with the mission of supplying the International Space Station. On the ISS, the Dragon ship will deliver 2.7 tons of payload, as well as the European robot-assistant CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion), which will dilute the crew of people in orbit.

For the delivery of cargo already used in orbit in 2016, the capsule of a truck Dragon. To a new flight, she was ready two months after returning to Earth. To the orbit, the capsule was withdrawn by the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket in use.

“Simon” looks like a ball with a large screen on one side. It shows the robot’s face schematically. It is equipped with 14 built-in propellers, which will allow it to move in weightlessness. Developed by his company Airbus for the German space agency. With its help, scientists want to understand how an intelligent robot is able to cooperate with a team of astronauts and facilitate their work on the ISS.

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