SpaceX sent to the ISS the first robotic assistant with artificial intelligence

This is a volley ball with fans and a screen on one side.

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The company SpaceX has successfully launched to the ISS a space truck Dragon, which, in addition to cargo, will deliver the first robotic assistant with artificial intelligence CIMON to the station. In total, he will communicate with the crew only three hours and will allow to test AI in space.

CIMON weighs about five kilograms and is equipped with 14 fans, which will allow it to “float” on the ISS in zero gravity. On one side of the robot there is a screen with an animated “face”. It displays useful information for astronauts.

CIMON developed in Airbus and equipped with artificial intelligence Watson AI from IBM. In practice, the robot will not yet be used as an assistant, it will only experience such an opportunity – to communicate with astronauts it will be only three hours for the entire time of its stay on the ISS.

The robot is set for testing by German astronaut Alexander Gerst, but Airbus said that it will react to other crew members.

CIMON accumulates knowledge in the process of work, learns to navigate and move around and recognize fellow astronauts. The training program for artificial intelligence Watson AI included photographs and samples of the voice of Alexander Gerst, and the base was loaded with plans for the module Columbus Columbus.

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The CIMON station will help Gerst in several scientific experiments, including one complex medical test, for which the astronaut will need video and photo images in real time. Also, the astronaut will be able to ask the robot questions about the experiments he is working on.

In addition to CIMON, SpaceX will deliver to the ISS a tool for measuring the temperature of plants on Earth and a new mechanism for the Canadian robock outside the station.

The truck must get to the ISS on July 2. For this launch, SpaceX used the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft for the third time. This time the Falcon 9 will not land on Earth, as the company stops renewing flights on the fourth version of the upper stage.

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