Russian launches of lunar missions moved a year ahead

“Roskosmos” has postponed the launch of lunar missions for a year ahead, reports RIA Novosti. Earlier, the Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Cosmos voiced such a request. In 2021 it is planned to launch the landing gear “Luna-25”, in 2022 – the orbital “Luna-26”, in 2023 – landing “Luna-27”. Previously, the launch was planned for 2019, 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Earlier it was reported that “Luna-25” would be the first mission within the Russian lunar program, formerly known as the “Moon-Globe”. The aim of the project was to create an automatic probe for complex investigations on the lunar surface in the circumpolar region.

In early 2018, scientists decided to change the landing site of the Russian lunar station “Luna-25”. It will have to sit north of the Boguslavsky crater – near the South Pole of the Earth’s natural satellite. The new district is characterized by a comfortable relief, well illuminated by the Sun. Here in the ground, as expected, there is a sufficient amount of ice. To obtain information about the landing site, the data of the American apparatus Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, operating in the Moon’s orbit since 2009, was used.

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