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“My demon”: Canadian singer Grimes congratulated Elon Musk on his birthday in Russian

Why – no one knows.

June 28 Elon Musk turned 48 years old. The head of Tesla published a photo of the holiday cake in the instagram. Canadian singer Grimes, who meets with Musk, left a comment: “My demon, happy birthday.” The businessman did not answer publicly.

In social networks they did not understand why the girl turned to Musk in Russian, and in the comments at the head of Tesla appeared a lot of Russian-speaking users.

Grimes was born and lives in Canada, but she is a Ukrainian mother. The singer saidin an interview that she grew up next to her grandparents, who spoke a lot in Russian.

On her album “Visions” (2012) in Russian is written “I love”, and on the bottom right there is a quote from the work of Anna Akhmatova ” Song of the last meeting “. Grimes identified herself with the Russian poetess and called her “pretty cool lady”.

Album Cover Visions
Album Cover Visions

The fact that Musk and Grimes came together, it became known at the ball Met Gala in May. Most likely, the reason for acquaintance was a joke on the topic of a mental experiment, which they came up with independently of each other.

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