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“It’s like a comedy sketch”: the arrest of a couple of criminals in Canada

The malefactors wanted to escape through the ceiling, tried to protect themselves with a packet of seeds and looked for open doors.

29-year-old Brittany Burke and 28-year-old Richard Pariseau were arrested by police officers at the Reddi Mart supermarket in Edmonton, Canada. An absurd attempt at detention was on video surveillance cameras, and the record was published by the police.

The officers were summoned to the supermarket after the couple allegedly tried to buy a jar of soft drinks with a stolen credit card. The first officer who arrived at the scene attempted to detain him, but he began to resist arrest: he escaped from the hands of the officer, pulled at the closed door of the back door, and then grabbed a packet of seeds in the hope of fighting back. No less strange acted and Burke: first she helped her accomplice, then tried to escape through the ventilation system in the ceiling, but fell from it directly to the shelves with goods. As a result, the couple were detained by the rest of the police officers who arrived at the store.

Pariso was charged with 11 charges, including for using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest and attacking a policeman. While Burke was imputed to the fact that she interfered with the police officer, she did not follow the obligations and insulted the law enforcers.

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