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In three matches of the 2018 World Cup teams almost refused to play. Tribunes buzzed, but the players did not want to win

FIFA regulations allow you to kill time, but the media still consider such games a disgrace.

June 28 at the World Cup in Russia on football ended the group stage, ahead of the playoff stage. The game immediately in three matches of the third round, according to the media, was “shameful”, and the fans in the stands arranged a disapproving rumble for the players. This was the meeting between Denmark-France , England-Belgium and Japan-Poland .

Japan did not need a victory shortly before the end, France and Denmark played as in training, and England and Belgium almost played “to defeat.” Everything is explained by the FIFA regulations, according to which the most important thing for teams is not to win in every match, but to leave the group. And future rivals, unlike the Champions League or the League of Europe, are almost always known.

Denmark-France – 0: 0

Before the tournament began, the game between Denmark and France in the Luzhniki Stadium seemed to be one of the most central – many football stars, the status of the group’s favorites. But the team by that time had already secured a way out of the group and could play a draw in order to qualify for the playoffs. The match between France and Denmark ended with the first goalless draw at the 2018 World Cup: before that, the teams scored at least one goal in 35 games in a row.

France exhibited a mixed composition, leaving behind a star like Paul Pogba from Manchester United. Teams almost did not attack, and after the 70th minute goalkeeper Danes Casper Schmeichel stood for a long time with the ball in his own penalty area and did not enter it into the game. Although the rules prohibit this, the judge never showed a yellow card.

“We can not say that it is necessary to punish the Danes for passivity, in football there is no such punishment, but nevertheless, according to unwritten rules, Denmark frankly dries the game,” commented the commentator on Channel One.

The fans, who arranged a full house (78 thousand spectators), frankly missed and whistled to the players. In social networks full of feedback from the audience. “A boring match. I wanted to switch to Australia-Peru, but I was at the stadium among those 78011 “lucky” who periodically woke up to support the wave of resentment in the stands, ” writes jollybuggy. “Going to the stadium did not think that I would see shame,” – said msryazantsev.

Japan-Poland – 0: 1

If before the last round Poland lost the chances of seceding from the group, then Japan kept them. At the stadium in Volgograd came more than 42 thousand people, which is more than 90% of the capacity. From 59 minutes Poland led in the score 1: 0.

Japan stopped trying to recoup in the 75th minute: her coaching staff learned that Colombia was winning against Senegal. In this situation, Japan became the second in the group and went into the playoffs. All thanks to the FIFA rule on yellow cards : with equality of points and other indicators, the team goes on with fewer “warnings”.

The Japanese began to make a minimal defeat, so the head coach of the Asian teamordered players not to risk and do not go into the attack .

The Japanese team in the last 15 minutes of the match just killed time: it did not deala single blow, never tried to surround the opponent, often passed the goalkeeper and rolled the ball in their half of the field. The Poles could not even make the last substitution: the player remained standing at the edge until the final whistle.

The Pole sat on the field in the last minutes supposedly due to stretching
The ending of the match was incredibly boring for the fans. They greeted each action of the Japanese with a disapproving buzz and whistle. called the last 15 minutes of the game “the worst” in the World Cup 2018, “Sport Express” consideredthis “a shame of Japan.” “The teams themselves are to blame for this, they were carried away by the decision of the tournament tasks in the last round of the group round and stopped adhering to the football principles, said . “We were just praising the Japanese for the excitement, of course, there is restraint and discipline in this character, but it should not find such a manifestation,” commentator Viktor Gusev said live on Channel One.

England-Belgium – 0: 1

The match of the two leaders of their group World Cup 2018 was originally considered the most interesting among all the games in Kaliningrad. However, by the third round, both teams won twice and secured an exit in the playoffs.

The game of eminent teams became a comradely “battle for defeat”. Loser in the match, England-Belgium fell into the weaker net of opponents in the playoff stage. For example, the losing team would meet with Colombia, and then – with the winner of the pair Sweden-Switzerland. The winner of the match would go to Japan, and then, most likely, to the main favorites of the 2018 World Cup: Brazil, France, Argentina, Uruguay or Portugal.

As the fans feared, England and Belgium played as duplicate teams and at least in the first half practiced “antifutbol”. “Whistling to the break the whole stadium whistled: the severity became too small,” wrote the “Championship.”

At the beginning of the second half, Belgium “did not hold back” and scored a goal, but many fans still whistled football players and in general were unhappy with the game.


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