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In Maryland, shooting in the newspaper The Capital. Four people were killed

The police detained the suspect.

Police officers near the editorial offices of The Capital. Photo of the edition

The office of the American city of Annapolis (Maryland), where the newspaper The Capital is located, there was shooting, according to the website of the publication.

According to Fox 5 DC, the first shots were heard around 14:30 local time or at 21:30 Moscow time. The Capital journalist Phil Davis said that the alleged criminal opened fire through the glass office door. Employees of the publication hid from shooting under the tables and heard the gunner reloading weapons.

As CBS News learned , four people died in the shooting. The office building was evacuated. The police know about one arrow, he is detained. Despite this, the staff continued to search the building and inspect the editorial office. The causes of the attack are still unknown.

Place of incident from height
The Daily Edition The Capital is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States, which has been operating since 1884. It belongs to Baltimore Sun Media. The circulation of The Capital is about 30 thousand copies.

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