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Good news: after 105 years the chances of dying do not grow

Biologists have questioned the claim that the life expectancy of a person is limited and with age, the chances of dying increase exponentially. Scientists came to the conclusion that the chances to leave this world grow to 80 years, then the rate decreases and reaches a plateau by 105-110 years. By the age of 105, the possibility of dying reaches about 50% (with such a probability a person will live to 106 years).

This same probability will continue in the future, without changing in one direction or another. True, there is one more problem: more than 100 years, a very small number of people manage to survive, while the chances of staying longer in this world are much higher for women than for men. So, only 2 women out of 100,000 survive to 110 years; men have a rate of 2 people per 1,000,000.

The study affected people living in Italy, whose advanced age was documented. They were born between 1896 and 1910 and overcame the border in 105 years.

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