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Alaska is preparing for a powerful eruption of the Cleveland volcano

The Cleveland volcano on the Aleutian Islands began to erupt lava from the crater. This can mean that in the coming days or weeks a large-scale eruption will occur. Specialists from Alaska University warned local authorities, and they raised the level of danger to orange – worse than him only red.

Cleveland (1730 meters in height) is on the island of Chuginkaak, for the history of observations, he showed himself very active. After the eruption in 2001, the ashes reached a height of 12 kilometers. Now the lava simply flows out of the volcano, but the risk of a powerful outburst is high, the ashes of which can lead to damage to the aircraft. Scientists continue to observe, it is not excluded the change in the routes of some flights.

In a number of cases, volcanoes almost became the cause of aircraft crashes. So, in 1982, Boeing 747 British Airways was in the ash cloud of the volcano Galunggung (Indonesia), the liner refused all engines – it was able to land at the airport in Jakarta, no one was hurt. Seven years later, a similar incident occurred with the Boeing 747 Dutch airline KLM, which flew over the volcano Redout (Alaska). The crew safely landed the plane.

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