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WSJ: Google banned employees from discriminating and trolling each other at work

So the company hopes to reduce offensive communication and provocation in the team.

Google has developed new rules of conduct for employees who are directed “to reduce” offensive communication “and” provocative attacks “on colleagues. The document was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The new rules presuppose a ban on “discrimination or attack” of colleagues, as well as participation in discussions that “violate the productive working atmosphere”. They must fight trolling, including online.

Google will also provide more opportunities for the volunteer moderators who view the internal work forums, the WSJ source said.

The company previously punished staff for publications that violate the rules of conduct, the newspaper notes. However, the new recommendations are for the first time aimed at disciplining communication in the forums and in the organization’s office. At the same time, the rules are written blurry and require employees to “respect each other and Google’s values,” which makes it possible to interpret in different ways what kind of communication is prohibited. The corporation intends to leave the regulation of such issues at the discretion of the moderators.

In August 2017, Google fired engineer James Damor, who wrote a manifesto that women are few in the technology industry because of biological differences from men. He recommended the company to abandon the policy of “diversity” and stop observing gender proportions to the detriment of abilities. Later, he sued Google for “discrimination against white conservative men.”

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