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“VKontakte” issued a warning to communities, where they condemned the behavior of Russians at the World Cup 2018

In these pubs, they collected photos and videos of girls with foreign fans.

“VKontakte” warned communities dedicated to the condemnation of the novels of Russian girls and foreign fans during the World Cup in Russia, about “inadmissibility of offensive behavior.” Representatives of the social network told this to Vedomosti.

In the first days of the tournament in “VKontakte” appeared several public posts with the name “Buceta rosa”. This is a reference to the Brazilian fans who in Moscow sang a girl from Russia with an insulting song with the words “Buceta rosa”, which can be translated as a “pink vagina”. The girl, not knowing the meaning of the words, sang along with them. After that, the Brazilian authorities resented the behavior of the fans.

In the largest community there were about 1.5 thousand people, but after the publication of mass media about publishers, the number of subscribers increased almost twofold. In “Buceta rosa” they published photos and videos with novels of girls and foreigners, often insulting comments appeared on the records.

“VKontakte” required such communities to toughen the moderation, after which most of the comments were deleted in the largest public record. Also in the “Buceta rosa” appeared the description: “The community is exclusively humorous and does not pursue the goal of insulting anyone.” In a less popular version of the same name, comments remain. Representatives of VKontakte told that communities are still “working”.

The novels of Russian girls and fans from other countries during the World Cup 2018 have become one of the main topics for discussion in the media and social networks. Participants in the discussion divided into two camps: for example, Yuri Dudy urgedcritics to get away from the girls and not disgraceful, and the Moskovsky Komsomolets published an article entitled “The Time of the Whores: Russian women in the World Cup disgrace themselves and the country.”

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