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The features and tools Google, which not everyone knows about

Most of us have heard about the famous and favorite Google tools – Gmail, Google Earth, Google Maps and many others. These products and services are used daily by millions of people around the world. However, many people do not know that Google actually has many other functions and tools that are incredibly useful.



1. Google Keep is an application for taking notes and reminders that works on both desktops and smartphones.

2. Google Sky allows you to explore the long distances of the universe using images from the NASA satellite, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Hubble telescope.

3. Google Books nGram Viewer is a fun tool that allows you to search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 so you can see how they were used and changed over time.

4. Google Translate has a handwriting function that allows you to draw characters.

5. Google offers a bunch of great fonts that you can use for free.

6. Google Scholar makes it incredibly easy to search for information in magazines and newspapers.

7. Explore your culture using Google Arts & Culture.

8. Do you want to know from what worries people at the moment? Google Trends shows the most viewed topics every day.

9. Google has a directory of animal sounds that you can easily find by typing “animal sounds.”

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