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Media: 32-core AMD Threadripper processor will cost significantly less than a competitor from Intel

In early June, AMD demonstrated the second generation of Threadripper processors for high-performance systems. The older version in this lineup is a 32-core Threadripper 2990X with 64 threads, executed on a 12-nanometer process technology. Eyewitnesses from the resource Videocardz found this “stone” in a German online store, where it was indicated and its price – 1500 euros (about $ 1710).

However, soon the price on the site was removed, but the Internet does not forget anything. If this cost turns out to be true, then we can conclude that AMD again imposes a price war on Intel. For what the red can only thank. After all, the 18-core competitor in the form of Intel Core i9-7980XE in the US costs from $ 2100, and in Belarus even more.

Note that in the recent Cinebench R15 synthetic tests on the Internet, AMD’s processor outperforms its competitor from Intel. So for Intel, such a price policy of AMD is bad news.

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