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In the American Dunkin ‘Donuts appeared “donuts fries.” Looks like churros


Donut Fries was included in the menu only for a limited time.

The network of coffee houses with donuts Dunkin ‘Donuts announced the inclusion of a new product in the menu – Donut Fries (“fried donuts”). Since July 4, a new dish, which was tested in Boston and Providence, will appear in all American restaurants of the network.

Donut Fries – it’s not french fries, but a lightly fried dessert made of dough with brown sugar. A portion of five such donations will cost $ 2. According to the company, the dish will not be sold outside the US.

The question arises: what’s wrong with an ordinary round donut? We do not know for sure, but we can say one thing: take these donates while you can. Donut Fries will be available for a limited time.

Fortune Edition

@dunkindonuts needs to brings these to every #coffee shop. #donutfries are amazing! Taste just like #doughboy – #malasadas #portuguese #foodporn EDIT: this is from the Dunkin in downtown Bristol RI.

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Many people did not see anything radically new in Dunkin ‘Donuts product. The American media called the dish “donuts in oblong form”, and in social networks compared it with churros – sweet pastry of a slightly larger size.

Hype churros ➰ We're open til 11! 😎 #theloopchurros #stayintheloop

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But there are differences.

“But they do not have a crusty crust”

“They definitely did churros, but why did they decide to remove the best part of churros?”

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