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In Los Angeles, there was graffiti, which was banned from making selfies unpopular bloggers

The ban angered the local residents, but was part of the promotion of the series.


June 25 in Los Angeles, there was a graffiti for “verified influenza” – he can be photographed only by bloggers with more than 20 thousand subscribers in social networks. Local residents criticized the authors for a controversial ban, and the drawing proved to be an advertisement for the series about modern trends.

Graffiti was painted on Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood, one of the tourist routes in Los Angeles. Near him, a tent with 24-hour security was set up, which only allows those with more than 20,000 subscribers or a verified account on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

One of the first about graffiti was told by the editor of the publication Vice, who went there thanks to a tick of verification on Twitter. “I live in Los Angeles long enough and saw many bad graffiti, but I’ve never seen it so intentionally awful. I like it, “he noted.

Subscribers of the journalist also did not appreciate the artist’s efforts and the action itself.

“They could hire some good artist. Here Banksy, Shepard Fairy and Collet Miller are hanged ”

“Oh hell, how much is this ideal capitalism”

“Oh my God, someone can take me there so I can smear it with black paint. You are welcome”

Journalists figured out that graffiti was a satirical advertisement for a new show about current trends like & Subscribe from the go90 streaming service. In the twitter account of the series they published television stories about graffiti and apologizedto those who could not take a photo.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the author of the marketing trick sharedthat he wanted to harmlessly laugh at the current Instagram bloggers who travel the world only for the sake of exclusive photos. “I’m genuinely surprised that no one spoiled it [drawing] last night,” he added.

On June 27, the tent with security was already removed, and anyone could be photographed near the graffiti.

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