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How bicycles save the center of Amsterdam at rush hour

Or why the bicycle is more efficient than a car.

The user Reddit under the nickname Htv101 published a time-lapse traffic during rush hour in the center of Amsterdam. Video shows how bicycles help overall traffic.

The video demonstrates that there are more cyclists in the city than motorists. While standing at a traffic light they line up in a long line on the path. But even with congestion, the timeline shows that such a cork dissipates much more quickly than an automotive one.

If all these bicycles were cars, we would never get anywhere.

Reddit user

The author of the video noted that “not every city is suitable for such a large number of bicycles”, but Amsterdam is perfect for the task – it is on the plain and very compact, which allows residents to comfortably use the bike.

According to the New York Times edition for 2013, in Amsterdam, bicycles outperform cars in a 4: 1 ratio. On the city’s website it is mentioned that in the capital of the Netherlands there are 881 thousand bicycles. With this population of the city is just over 820 thousand people.

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