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German student patented a cover that really protects the phone when it falls

Therefore, the next 20 years, we do not see this device

Once not paying attention, the phone falls and ... does not break. With the new invention of Phillip Frenzel from Aalen, the mobile phone display remains completely. The student of the Aalen University has invented an airbag for smartphones.

Clumsy users often break the screen of their smartphone, when accidentally drop it to the ground. There is nothing surprising. And sometimes in the network there are some kind of airbags for smartphones, which are unlucky to fall into the hands of awkward hosts. One of these innovations offers a cover with an “active shock absorber”.

Pretty thick cover contains eight cushioning legs, which for a split second jump out of the cover when it flies to the floor with the smartphone.

Designed by his engineer Philip Fensel from the university in German Alain. The device received the highest award of the German Mechatronics Society, which marks interesting projects of students from all over Germany.

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