“Calling the restaurant is not very difficult”: the journalists tried the “smart” assistant Google Duplex

Many did not understand why a robot is needed at all, and some managed to confuse it.

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“Smart” assistant Google Duplex was presented at the I / O conference in early May. The robot imitates human speech and knows how to call a restaurant or a hairdresser to write down the owner. At the end of June, Google showed Duplex reporters: they could try the basic functions and assess how much the helper is like a person.

TJ briefly cites the main theses of the authors who checked the work of Google Duplex.

BBC: “Why do you need Google Duplex?”

A BBC journalist with a robot called the restaurant and took a call from a Google employee. According to her, the current functions of Duplex look useless, because ordering a table is not so difficult either. The author suggested that the robot is needed to collect information about users to which they do not yet have access.

The service will not work on “androids” by default: before calling the robot you will need to agree to use Duplex. Restaurants and other institutions where the robot will call will receive, in turn, the opportunity to prohibit the service to call – for one reason or another.

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Gizmodo: “So, what did I do first? Tried to break it, of course “

Correspondent Gizmodo tried to “break” the assistant from Google, introducing himself as the intractable owner of the restaurant. Every time the robot tried to book a table, the author refused, citing the fact that everything is already taken. After several attempts, Duplex turned the conversation over to the technical support operator.

For the project, which was told to the public two months ago, Duplex showed incredible results. Having a chance to check on myself, I’m not sure that artificial intelligence will not capture humanity, but I partly believe that the assistant will not be a fragment of the AI ​​that started the war.

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The Verge: “In addition, Google has taught the robot to put into speech” hmm, “” ah “and other inaccuracies”

According to the reviewer The Verge, the voice of Duplex sounds natural, puts the necessary pauses and adds speech inaccuracies. However, he also managed to confuse the robot, constantly interrupting it and demanding to reserve a table for the time that was already taken.

Conversation can go beyond what the system has already learned. At the testing stage, for example, Duplex can not order a take-out meal from a Thai restaurant or talk about offers from the Thai menu.

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Google did not name the official launch date for Duplex for all users, citing the need to finalize the helper. While it works only in English at a part of partners of the company, and its functions will be implemented in stages.

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