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Budweiser, 19 years later, again used the video from the advertising campaign “Whassup?”

For a joint promotion with Burger King.

On June 27, the authors of the Burger King restaurant account on Twitter “phoned” their colleagues from the Budweiser brewery.

“Tink of the Tzun Tzin Tink”

“Uh, allo?”

“Cho who”
And it began.

To the conversation Burger King and Budweiser joined other well-known brands associated with fast food and alcohol.

It turned out that this is an advertisement for a new Burger King burger called American Brewhouse King, which is a joint promotion with Budweiser. According to the site Burger King, a burger for fifteen hundred calories includes two beef patties, bacon, fried onions, cheese, tavern sauce and mayonnaise.

The commercial “True”, which launched the campaign “Whassup?” Was first shown in December 1999 during the evening soccer show Monday Football Night. The video became very popular, and later received a lot of advertising awards – including the grand prix of the festival “Kanskie lions” and the prize of Clio (her jury also included “Whassup?” In her Hall of Fame).

The conversation from the short film “True”, written and filmed by clipmaker Charles Stone III (Charles Stone III), became one of the stamps of the pop culture of the 2000s. She was repeatedly parodied in various serials and films, including “Friends”, “Griffins” and “Office.” The most famous parody of “True” was an episode from the comedy “Very Scary Movie”.

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