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A standard of memory cards with a speed of 985 MB / s and a capacity of up to 128 TB

SD Association introduced a new standard for SD memory cards, which was named Express. It supports PCI Express and NVM Express. Such a memory card will effectively become a removable SSD carrier, since it will provide a maximum data transfer rate of up to 985 MB / s, and capacity – up to 128 TB. In this case, in a more compact package, than a removable SSD.

SD Express will allow for a long time to provide compact data stores with content producers in 4K, 8K, VR format, for serial shooting in RAW and many future tasks, which are difficult to imagine today. It is stated that the new maps will be compatible with the old equipment. However, on it they, most likely, will lose all their new advantages.

To date, SDXC memory cards offer a maximum capacity of up to 2 TB. However, such specimens are very expensive and rare. As for SD Express memory cards, their first commercial samples on the market in the coming years should not wait.

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