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YouTube-blogger working on VR-system for stand-alone Apple machines

Blogger and engineer Mark Robert has been working with Apple for some time on creating entertainment virtual reality systems for autonomous transport. This is reported by the publication Variety.

Judging by the information from Robert’s profile on LinkedIn, the blogger can work in Apple since 2015: it is indicated that then he joined a certain company. Specific projects on which the engineer is involved are unknown. But it is assumed that he is working on a virtual reality system for passengers of unmanned vehicles.

One patent describes a method that prevents the development of seasickness when driving in a vehicle without a driver. It is also noted that unmanned vehicles will release a lot of time and it will be possible to take something useful. In this case, VR helmets will provide a full-fledged workplace.

Rumors about the development of Apple unmanned systems and the device virtual or augmented reality have been going for a long time, but so far there is no specifics.

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