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“VKontakte” launches VK Pay – a payment platform without commissions for payments in the first stage

The service will start at noon on June 27.

Payment system VK Pay. IGuides Photos

Payment system VK Pay. IGuides Photos

“VKontakte” June 27 launch payment service VK Pay for payment of goods and services within the social network, said RBC her representative. A source close to the company confirmed this information and specified that the launch will take place at 12:00 Moscow time.

Immediately after the launch, owners of all communities in VKontakte will be able to accept payment through VK Pay. With the help of VK Pay it will be possible to pay fines, receipts, the Internet, voice communication and public transport.

As stated in the company, buyers and small sellers will not yet pay a commission for entering, withdrawing and transferring money using a new service. In the case of a “successful” launch, the social network can “later” enter a commission or start earning money on the service in another way.

In “VKontakte” did not specify the criteria for the successful launch and possible timing of the introduction of the commission for payment. The source of RBC said that at the first stage the company plans to earn due to additional commissions or other monetization for major partners.

In VK Pay there will be a cash withdrawal limit: the user of the social network will be able to cash out up to 200 thousand rubles a month. The maximum amount of transactions will be 60 thousand rubles a month.

On the basis of the payment platform, VKontakte plans to develop a trading platform, where partner companies will offer their services. Among the first participants of the “marketplace” – the service of selling tickets for trains and planes OneTwoTrip, sellers of tickets for events and ShowGoGo, food delivery services Grow Food and Delivery Club, as well as the call service of a doctor DOC +. It is assumed that for users of the social network will operate “conditions that are not available to other buyers” and actions.

“VKontakte” for the first time officially announced VK Pay only the night before the launch. For the first time, the upcoming launch of the service became known in March from the RNS message: then the list of partner companies was unknown, and among the possible functions cacheback was mentioned for users. In early June, social networks discovered projects of internal applications VK Pay.

User “VKontakte” will be able to bind several payment cards to VK Pay. It is assumed that you can scan the barcode on the product to add it to the trash.

Initially, the material was published screenshots, which, as our readers later specified, are one of the concepts of service.  apologizes to readers.

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