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Turkmen authorities banned from leaving the country

The authorities banned the issuance of a visa to all citizens under the age of 40 years

If someone has lost this beautiful country on the map, then here, get acquainted, Turkmenistan.

According to “Radio Azatlyk”, in a number of settlements of Turkmenistan, citizens were denied permission to obtain a tourist visa. Employees of the migration service explained this by “order from above.”

Employees of the migration service said that an order had been received from above, according to which now no one is allowed to leave before reaching the age of 40. When asked about the reason for the ban, they said that there was no one left to work in the region. They said that if you all leave – who will work.

Radio Azatlyk

Local observers note that because of the economic crisis, high unemployment, rising prices and food shortages, migration, and especially labor, has become a mass one.

It should be noted that earlier it was reported that the authorities of Turkmenistan banned the travel abroad to persons under 30 years of age. Such measures officials undertook “In order to ensure the safety of citizens.”

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