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The President of Colombia authorized the use of drones to destroy coca plantations

They will carry chemicals.

Collecting coca in Colombia. Reuters photo

In Colombia, they will use drones to irrigate herbicide chemicals with plantations with thickets of coca. The decree was signed by the President of the country Juan Manuel Santos.

Thus, Colombia will continue to struggle with the use of plants for the production of cocaine. Santos explained that drones will apply the chemical at an extremely short distance and therefore will limit the zone of its spread.

Santos, whose presidential term ends in August, signed a decree a day after the United States reported a record increase in drug manufacturing in the South American country. According to the White House, from 2016 to 2017, the estimated cocaine production in Colombia increased by 19% – from 772 to 921 tons. The collection of coca covered 209 thousand hectares, while the authorities until the end of 2018 intend to eliminate 110 thousand hectares.

In 2015, the authorities stopped using herbicide glyphosate, as the World Health Organization linked the use of the drug with the development of cancer.

Colombia remains the country where one of the largest cocaine production in the world is established. The US, according to media reports, is the main consumer of Colombian cocaine. The White House supports the struggle of Colombian authorities against illegal drug trafficking and regularly allocates funds. From 2000 to 2015, the South American country received about $ 10 billion for this purpose, after which assistance was reduced to 400 million annually.

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