World Championship2018

The journalist gave Messi a lucky charm. It turned out that the player did not forget and wears an amulet during the games

This fact surprised the Argentinean reporter, when he asked Messi about it.

June 26 in St. Petersburg, Argentina defeated Nigeria and reached the eighth finals of the 2018 World Cup. One of the goals in the Nigerians was scored by the team leader Lionel Messi – this is his first goal in the tournament. After the match, the football player went to the mixed zone, where Argentine journalist of the Telefe channel Rama Pantorotto approached him.

The reporter asked Messi what happened to the red ribbon-amulet he gave to the player after the first match at the World Cup, where Argentina played a draw with Iceland. The attacker’s response surprised him.

Pantorotto: After the first game, I gave you the luck charm that my mom made. I do not know if you have it or you threw it away …

Messi: * Shows to the journalist an amulet tied on the left ankle *.

Pantorotto: What? Really?

Messi: Yes, give my mother thanks from me.

Pantorotto: You’re kidding me! Wait, but did you score with the left?

Messi: Right, but the amulet still helped me.

After Messi left, the reporter said to the camera: “Mommy! He put the mascot on his leg! Thank you!”.

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