The designer showed the concept of the iPhone IQ – for those who are sick of thin smartphones

The designer, under the pseudonym of Steel Drake, introduced the concept of the iPhone IQ smartphone. It differs from the overwhelming number of modern mobile phones with their desire to look bigger, and not as thin as possible. The chosen form, says the author of the renderers, is much more convenient for the hand than the usual “chocolate bars”.

The concept has a curved shape on both sides – the screen for this reason resembles “warm tube” kinescopes. In the hand, this device is probably more convenient to hold, but it’s unlikely to be pressed to the cheek during a conversation.

But the iPhone IQ boasts a frameless display and the absence of “extra” visible elements on the front side – the front camera, the speaker, the microphone and the Home button. The camera and sensors, for example, are hidden by a protective glass, the conversational speaker is a thin slot at the top of the smartphone, and many manufacturers have long learned to place microphones on the bottom end.

Steel Drake did not pursue multidimensionality, considering it necessary to “install” a single but advanced photomodule on the concept.

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