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The creator of Punto Switcher reported about a possible freeze of the service. Yandex denies this


The developer left Yandex because of the company’s refusal to develop the project with 2.5 million users.

The creator of the program to automatically select the correct keyboard layout Punto Switcher Sergei Moskalev told in an interview with  that he had to leave Yandex in April 2017 because of rumors about the impending suspension of the project’s development. In a conversation with, a representative of Yandex said that the work on Punto Switcher is not completely frozen and is continuing.

Moskalyov said that in 2017, “Yandex” decided to abandon the development of Punto Switcher and invited him to engage in mobile direction. According to his calculations, by the time the service on the desktop used 2.5 million people.

I ask: “What will happen to the users?” They answer me: “Well, nothing, they will sit on the old [version]”. And suddenly there will be a new update of Windows 10, Punto will stop working, and who will adapt the product? In response – shrugging shoulders.

Sergey Moskalyov
creator of Punto Switcher

According to Moskalev, the development of Punto for macOS has been frozen at least since November 2017. Moskalyov noted that he released the “15 months ago” version for this operating system himself, and also suggested that the development of Punto Switcher was suspended.

For 15 months, no updates have come out, I get letters that the program is buggy and hangs, because the operating system under macOS is changing. It seems that they froze.

Sergey Moskalyov
creator of Punto Switcher

In the ” Punto Switcher Club ” section on the “Yandex” website, there are really a lot of complaints about the malfunctioning of the service on macOS. The last of them was published on August 11, 2017.

June 21 Moskalov announced the creation of a similar service Caramba Switcher. According to him, he did not use Punto code, but copied it from scratch to avoid accusations of violating intellectual property rights. In Caramba Switcher “other operating principles”, and also there was “only one adjustment instead of 96 Punto settings”, the developer added.

Punto Switcher interface
Caramba Switcher interface

“Yandex” did not freeze Punto Switcher, but continues to work on it, press secretary Ilya Grabovsky told Yandex. However, he named the release date of the latest version for Windows, but did not mention that the version for macOS was not updated since January 23, 2017.

The project (the whole) was not frozen. The latest version was posted on the site on March 13, 2018. Work on the project continues, including support for users who are asking us questions.

Ilya Grabovsky
the press secretary of “Yandex”

When asked about possible claims to Caramba Switcher in Yandex, they noted that they do not comment on “third-party projects, regardless of their authors.” The company also did not explain, the work on which part of the project was not suspended.

“Yandex” owns Punto Switcher since 2008. Moskalyov said that in 10 years the management tried several times to transfer the process of developing the program inside the company, but “there was nothing to grow together”. According to the creator of Punto Switcher, the service became for Yandex, in part a non-core product.

Punto Switcher automatically changes the layout of the keyboard to the correct one, for example, recognizing a randomly typed “ghbdtn” as “hello” or “goodbye” as “good morning”. The program is trained in a dictionary of millions of words and word forms and switches the layout if it sees an impossible combination of letters from Russian or English.

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