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Strange disappearances, hostile tribes and murders: five mysterious stories

Non-industrial cases recommended for reading by the fire, in a country house or before bedtime.

Number in the American hotel “Cecil”, where Eliza Lam mysteriously died. Getty Photos

On the Internet, you can easily find a lot of gloomy and creepy stories, but most of them will be fictions and exaggeration. Really mysterious plots, the solution of which deal with police and journalists, much less. Here are examples of such secrets.

The disappearance of caretakers on the island of Flannan

On December 26, 1900, the crew of the ship “Hesperus” arrived to Flannan Island in Scotland. Members of the crew were surprised that they were not met by workers of the local lighthouse. A few hours of searching did not yield any results – three of the caretakers disappeared, leaving behind themselves not tucked beds, closed doors and abandoned waterproof raincoats. The ship’s crew drew attention: the only hours on the lighthouse stopped, and the kitchen turned the table. No more traces of caretakers at the lighthouse or on the island the crew found.

First, the captain of the “Hesperus” suggested that the men were blown away by the wind from the cliff during a violent storm that damaged a part of the lighthouse. However, from the diary of the caretakers it follows that they survived the storm and saw what damage it caused to the construction. “The storm is over. The sea is calm. God is with us “, – says in a journal note dated December 15. It was on this day that the steamboat “Arktor” for the first time reported that the signal from the lighthouse did not arrive, as if there were no custodians there.

Rangers against the backdrop of an early version of the lighthouse on Flannan Island

From the official investigation of the administration of the Lighthouse of Scotland, it follows that all three caretakers left the lighthouse at the same time during a pouring rain (the rules forbid it) and came too close to the precipice, after which they were swept away by a sudden wave. This partly explains why the caretakers did not wear cloaks, but it is not clear who and what turned the table. Perhaps one of the men did this by accident, when he hurried to warn his partners about the storm. But then it is unclear why he was wasting time to close all the doors of the lighthouse and the entrance gate.

Monument to the lost caretakers on Flannan Island

More information about what happened on Flannan is told on the historical site, which is dedicated to the lighthouse on the island. There are also notes of the logbook and notes of the captain of the Hesperus. In Russian there is a short extractfrom these notes, including the complaints of subsequent caretakers for mysterious sounds and ghosts.

Man from Adelaide

December 1, 1948 on the beach of Somerton, the Australian city of Adelaide, found the body of a man just over 40 years old. He was dressed in a neat jacket, but on him and other things there were no identification marks or labels, as if they had been cut. The only clue was a scrap of paper in the man’s pocket with the words “Tamam Shud”, torn from a very rare collection of works by a Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam. In the original language, words mean “end”.

The forensic expert concluded that the death of the unknown “is probably caused by poison,” after which the police started a murder case. It is not known whether the man was poisoned or was a victim of poisoning. In the summer of 1949, someone threw a copy of a book into the car to an Australian businessman, which was missing a scrap of words with “Tamam Sud”. Who did this and why – is unknown. The volume also found entries in an incomprehensible language, but they could not be deciphered.

Beach Somerton. The place where the body was found is marked with a cross. Adelaide police photo
After 70 years from the death of an unknown man, his case remains undisclosed. Probably the most active in his investigation is still engaged 58-year-old physicist Derek Abbott. He spent many years in an attempt to decipher the mysterious signs in the book and to understand who is responsible for the death of a man. The Australian is still visiting the grave of an unknown person, which for many years has decayed, and claims that someone is still bringing flowers to the tombstone.

Read more about the case, “Tamam shud” says the article The California Sunday Magazine ( translation ). In addition, the topic should be read Reddit , which also came to answer questions Derek Abbott, but the trade for a couple of years as inactive. You can also subscribe to a professor on Twitter , but recently he writes less and less about a mysterious affair.

Silent twins

On April 11, 1963, twins June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in the small town of Haverfordwest (Wales). Because of the dark color of their skin (their parents moved from Barbados), the girls were ridiculed and humiliated at school, depriving them of the opportunity to make friends. Aggression of peers and difficulties with parents overnight led to the fact that the twins stopped talking. They invented their language to communicate with each other, a close study of which allowed to find out that this is a rough combination of English and Barbados slang.

Psychologists tried to separate the girls, so they started talking again, but the twins began to stumble, refused to eat and move. After the reunion during the teenage years, they composed several short stories, mostly with a gloomy hue : in one schoolboy dependent on soda, the teacher seduces, and in the other the boy’s father transplants the dog’s heart.

The behavior of the girls, too, left much to be desired: they started drinking, using drugs, breaking in at home, beating glasses and setting arson. Robbery led to the arrest and exile of the girls to the psychiatric high-security clinic “Broadmoor”, known as the place of confinement of serial killers, deemed insane.

After 11 years under the supervision of the girls were sent to a less secure clinic – on the same day Jennifer died because of heart problems. This put an end to the study of twins and their ways of communication – so far their case remains a mystery to psychologists and linguists.

Model Marjorie Wallace and the Twins, 1993. Getty Photos
Soon after the death of her sister, June released from the hospital. In 2000, she gavean interview to the American magazine The New Yorker, where she talked about the relationship with her sister and about racism, which forced them to “close” from society. Since then, little is known about the woman’s life: she lives in a coastal city not far from London and works in small positions. According to June, she never fulfilled her dream of becoming a writer, but regularly visits her sister ‘s grave.

In addition to the article The New Yorker, the book ” Silent Twins ” from American actress and model Marjorie Wallace tells about the life of sisters in detail . She became friends with girls in 1980 and for six years watched them. In Russian about sisters Gibbons can be read here and here .

A people without civilization

Modern India is an active and fast-growing country, which ranks second in population. However, the state’s need for new territories does not affect the fact that the small northern Sentinel island, nominally located in India, is fenced off from civilization. There lives a tribe of Sentinelites – a unique people, who probably lived in complete isolation for more than 60 thousand years, but never learned to fire. Black Aborigines do not wear clothes, preferring to cover themselves with leaves, and for hunting and protection use spears, harpoons and bow and arrows.

Technically, the native island of the tribe is considered one of the last unexplored territories on Earth, since expeditions there were rarely equipped. During the English colonization, sailors and captains told tales of cannibalism Sentinel and their strange affection for the house. Probably the last rumor is connected with the fact that once the British colonizers abducted the Aboriginal family, but soon they died. Most likely, this was due to the immunity of the islanders, unable to cope with alien diseases.

Anthropologists give presents to the Sentinelites, 1991. Besides this, a pig was brought to the aborigines, but instead of eating it, they killed the animal and buried it. Photos The Seattle Times

The last known contact with the Sentinelians dates back to 2006. Then two poachers mistakenly found themselves near the island and attracted the attention of local residents. They shot fishermen from bows, after which they took their bodies to the island. The only attempt to evacuate the bodies on the helicopter failed after the local fired from the bows and it. More power did not make any attempt to return the bodies (presumably, the Sentinelites buried the dead), fearing an open clash with the islanders. The father of one of the victims supported this idea, explaining that the local people only defended themselves against an unknown danger.

Short report National Geographic

At present, the number of Sentinelites reaches from 15 to 500 people. This variation is due to the inability to conduct a population census, since all types of transport islanders can meet hostilely. Read more about the survival of the tribe and the last contact with them can be found in the material The Guardian, as well as from the novel of the English anthropologist called ” Keepers of the fire .” According to the author, the book is based on scientific research and analysis of all available records of British colonizers on a mysterious island.

Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel

Since the death of 21-year-old student Eliza Lam in the California hotel “Cecile” her story attracts the attention of activists and Internet researchers. It all began in January 2013: a young Canadian went on a trip along the western coast of the United States and stayed at an uninviting hotel in the 54th quarter of Los Angeles. As noted by the researchers, this is not the most prosperous district of the city.

The girl hoped that the trip will help get rid of the protracted depression, and actively led the report on the journey in social networks. On the day of January 31, she went to the store and bought souvenirs, and in the evening she returned to the hotel. The last known video from Lam is recorded in the elevator “Cecil” in the area of ​​midnight and lasts about four minutes.

In the beginning, the girl enters the elevator and presses the button, but nothing happens. After a few seconds, Lam peeps out of the elevator, as if someone is peeking, then squeezes into the wall, as if hiding, and then goes out, then returns to the cockpit. At the end of the recording, she starts waving her hands, and then leaves and no longer appears in the frame. After a while, the elevator doors finally close, and it rises.

The body of the student was discovered on February 21 after the guests started complaining about the weak pressure of water and its strange taste. Having gone to check up malfunction, the worker has found in the tank on a roof a naked corpse Лэм. Her clothes lay nearby, as if she had undressed beforehand. It was not possible to explain this story reliably – after the autopsy the case was closed, declaring death the result of an accident. However, the details of what happened are unknown.

Cisterns, one of which found the body of Lam. Getty Photos
The Lam affair is one of the most high-profile and mysterious stories that is actively discussed so far, so information about what happened is enough. It starts with a large-scale analysis of an American journalist on Medium ( translation ): in it he describes the circumstances of the last days of the girl and explains the main versions of the tragedy. For example, the author details the previous incidents in the hotel, including rape, murder and suicide, hinting at a possible connection with the death of Lam.

Details about the mystery of the student tells the author Alexey Rakitin, known for the large-scale study of the death of tourists on the pass Dyatlova. It also makes sense to read the versions of Reddit activists who participated in the Internet investigation and try to reach out to closed research communities.


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