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Russians will be allowed to earn a living by picking berries and mushrooms

Following the permission to collect collectors for free, Russian citizens are preparing new indulgences in the forestry legislation.

The State Duma is drafting a bill that will allow the population to collect berries, mushrooms and wild plants in the forests and make a living by selling them.

The document regulating this practice will be submitted for consideration in September, Nikolai Nikolaev, head of the chamber committee for natural resources, property and land relations , told the “Parliamentary Gazette” .

The current legislation does not prohibit a “quiet hunt”. But “today citizens who collect mushrooms or berries can take them freely only for themselves,” Nikolayev recalled.

If a person wants to sell the “forest gifts” found, he must rent a forest plot for at least 10 years. This norm is fixed in paragraph 4, article 32 of the Forest Code.

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