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Prime Minister of Albania announced the collection of money for the payment of penalties for Swiss players

FIFA punished athletes for a “provocative” gesture in the form of a symbol from the Albanian flag during the celebration of the goal in a match with Serbia.

Swiss football player Granit Jaku (in the middle), folded his hands in a gesture similar to an eagle with the flag of Albania. Photos Keystone

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama (Edi Rama) announced the opening of an account in the bank, to which everyone can transfer a “symbolic contribution” for the payment of penalties for two Swiss soccer players of Kosovar origin.

FIFA fined footballers Granit Jaku and Jerdan Shakiri for 10,000 Swiss francs (8.6 thousand euros) for “unsportsmanlike conduct” on the match with Serbia. When celebrating the heads, they folded their hands in a symbol similar to an eagle with the flag of Albania, but the FIFA regulations prohibit the use of political gestures. The players explained their actions with emotions.

Rama called the account “Do not be afraid of the eagle” and called on the Albanians to help pay for the “absurd penalty of FIFA.” The prime minister noted that he decided to take such a step as a token of gratitude and appreciation to the two athletes who brought joy to millions of Albanians.

Gesture with the eagle is our characteristic symbol for expressing emotions in joyful moments. It is a pity that some people misunderstood the absolutely spontaneous moment of joy.

Edie Rama
Prime Minister of Albania

FIFA also fined 5 thousand francs (4,3 thousand euros) captain Stefan Lichtsteiner, who folded his hands in the “eagle” during the same match. Whether part of the funds collected by Rama will go to pay his fine is unknown.

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