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Jokes about cocaine, middle fingers, a break for sleep and medical help: one match of Diego Maradona at the 2018 World Cup

While Messi led Argentina in the playoffs, the behavior of Maradona made him the hero of the match according to social networks.

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June 26 in St. Petersburg was a match of the group stage of the World Cup, in which Argentina beat Nigeria with a score of 2: 1. This meeting was extremely important for the team of Lionel Messi: with the case of a draw or defeat the team did not go to the playoffs. However, the team managed to take the second place in the group, in the next match she will meet on the field with the French.

The match was remembered by the audience not only on the field, but also in the stands: the cameras snatched away the legendary Argentine football player Diego Maradona, who in 90 minutes had time to dance with fans, to celebrate two goals and get medical help.

At the stadium, Maradona appeared with a large carpet with his image, and then greeted the audience. The pose of the legendary soccer player in social networks was called “the repetition of some picture of the Renaissance”.

Goal Messi in the first half, he noted the “demonic” movements.

And by the end of the first half I decided to take a nap.

In the second half, Nigeria equalized, but at the very end of the match, Argentina snatched victory and went to the playoffs from second place. During the broadcast, another celebration from Maradona was shown briefly: he showed someone two middle fingers.

The behavior of the former head coach of the national team of Argentina associated with cocaine: after the sports career, Maradona was repeatedly treated for drug dependence.

Commentator Vasily Utkin saw in the gestures of the Argentinean eagle with the flag of Albania – for this gesture FIFA fined two World Cup players in the World Cup 2018.

The footage from the broadcast of the match between Argentina and Nigeria differed and other jokes – more domestic.

Maradona became the hero of the hero video and fotozhab.

Immediately after the match, several media reported that Maradona was hospitalized. In social networks, a video appeared, as a legendary football player is led into the VIP room.

However, Colombian journalist Patricia Villegas said that Maradona was provided with medical assistance right at the stadium, after which he independently left the arena and flew to Moscow. Later , Maradona himself told his version of the events : according to him, in the first half he got pressure, and the doctors advised him to leave the game. However, the former football player refused, because the match was important for Argentina. Closer to the final whistle he felt worse.

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