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Facebook banned the advertising of crypto, ICO and binary options

The prohibition is as broad as possible and applies, in particular, to Instagram.

According to the new Facebook policy , in the social network and in the Instagram service it is prohibited to use its advertising platform to advertise any products based on crypto-currencies, ICO and binary options. This is stated in the company’s press release .

All these financial instruments were banned, similarly prohibiting tobacco, drugs, weapons, porn and other things from being listed in the social network . According to the representatives of Facebook, their task is to make sure that users can learn from advertising on the platform about products and services without fear of encounter fraud or fraud, and they are aware of many companies that advertise binary options, ICO and crypto-currencies, pursuing ill-purposes .

So far, the ban has been specially made as broad as possible (advertising of any products from these categories is prohibited), but later it can be revised if the company learns to better track fraudulent ads and when the signals “improve” – ​​it is probably a matter of reducing the number of fraudulent projects.

In recent months scandals around crypto-currency projects have become frequent. Some of the founders of services on the detachment, who successfully collected money through the ICO, are now suspected of escaping with the collected money. January 28 disappeared site Lithuanian startup Prodeum, who started the ICO previous week and during that time has collected about $ 6 million. On January 26, the Coincheck exchange was cracked, and a few days later the hackers tried to sell the NEM crypto currency stolen from it.

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