Москвичка has accused the driver Uber in attempt of rape, and consequence – in intention to hush up business

Uber confirmed that he blocked the driver at the time of the investigation. He is under a written undertaking not to leave the place.

Anna Brain. Photo from Facebook page

A resident of Moscow, Anna Brain, accused the Uber driver of attempted rape. According to her words , the incident occurred on June 25, “on the way home.” She said that a driver named Ramazan Magomedov blocked the car doors, turned around and drove away to a “deserted place in the Shabolovskaya area.” There he hit her in the face and tried to rape her.

I managed to find it with a healthy hand (for the second one is injured and in the dressing), the unlocking button, I ran out of the car, ran to the first girl on the street and asked for help.

Anna Brain

According to the correspondence Braine with Uber support (her screenshots are available to ), the service representatives refused to provide the girl with the car number and the driver’s phone number. At the same time, they agreed to return the money spent on the trip.

You must never pay for such an experience. Our colleagues will do their utmost to ensure that neither you nor anyone else is in this situation.

extract from Anna Brain’s correspondence with Uber support

The press service of Uber confirmed to that the company’s specialists corresponded with Brain and continue to stay in touch with her. Representatives of the service added that they regret the incident and are ready to cooperate actively with law enforcement agencies, and Magomedov was blocked “at least until the end of the proceedings.”

Brain said she filed an application with the police, and soon after that the driver was detained “due to external security cameras.” In this case, according to the girl, later the suspect was released under a written undertaking not to leave the place. At the time of writing, the notes on the websites of the GU MVD and SK in Moscow were missing fresh publications on the detention for attempted rape .

Москвичка has added, that inspectors have started to press on it, “doing all that [she] has withdrawn the application”. They allegedly threatened Brain with punishment for false testimony, accusing her of using alcohol and drugs (contrary to medical expertise) and that she herself had “offered her services” to a taxi driver.

Some facts do not correspond to what the police have dug up. And I myself can not explain why this is happening – many details were instantly erased from my head, since I was in total stress, I was shaking and the only thing I was thinking about was how to save myself, and not about what stores were opposite and what color the car is.

Anna Brain

Brain, who was expecting a confrontation with a suspect in the Investigative Committee, noted that after the trip, Magomedov had her address. According to her, she is afraid that “the mountain friends of the driver will come to the threshold of her house”. She also said that Magomedov’s wife had already come to the police.

I did not want to tell the story to the last, but it seems I have no other way out. I’m scared for myself and for what will happen next.

Anna Brain

Last updated at 16:00 : Telegram channel Mash published a description of the incident with the words of Magomedov: the passenger allegedly “got into the car drunk and started smoking”, and swearing at the request to throw out the cigarette. After that, the driver allegedly dropped her and left. He did not respond to the allegations that he had allegedly changed the route of the trip.

Communicating with Mash, police representatives noted that they were not sure of Magomedov’s guilt, since Brain “is very confused in the testimony.”

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