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Was Kanan, George became: the dogs who rated the dogs were accused of changing the name of the dog from Arabic to “extremely white”

The creator of the microblogging had to apologize and explain that the animal was renamed not because of its racist views.

Puppy Kanan, who was renamed George

WeRateDogs is a popular twitter account (almost 7 million subscribers), which is engaged in the evaluation of dogs. Users send it to the creator Matt Nelson (Matt Nelson) photos of their animals, and he puts them in a microblog in the style of “This [name of the dog], and he is a very good boy.” Each pet is rated on a ten-point scale, but Nelson often jokingly puts them 12 or 14 out of 10.

“This is King. He is a professional shoe rider. But this time he did not work very well. But still it’s 14/10 »
On June 25, Twitter users accused WeRateDogs of “whitewashing” – this term is used when white actors are cast as “non-white” characters. The reason was the change of the name of one of the dogs from the Arabian Kanan to “extremely white” George. One of the subscribers paid attention to this, but after blocking it they blocked it.

“It’s a good day for us to be blocked by WeRateDogs for commenting that they changed the name of the dog with Arab roots to something very white”

Later Nelson apologized to the subscriber for the lock and promised that he would no longer change the names of the dogs. The creator of the account explained to CNet that he did it not because of racist beliefs, but for the popularity of recording in the social network. According to him, the names of animals are changed only with the consent of the owners.

Such records work better with simple names, something monosyllabic. This is what I understood over the years of working on the account. The name “George” seemed to me good, and during my time I learned that people like the contrast between a cute puppy and the name that is associated with “old men”.

Matt Nelson
creator of WeRateDogs

At the same time, the owner of Kanan on Twitter supported WeRateDogs: “People seem to have forgotten how to rejoice. I’m just glad that millions of people saw my puppy and wrote what kind he was. “

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